It is believed that you cannot become a successful esports player without a powerful computer and high-speed Internet.


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Online games often do not require a powerful computer...

What speeds do modern gamers really need, is it possible to play over Wi-Fi and why are players afraid of ping?

Why is a provider important?

Online games often do not require a powerful computer, but a good connection is required to play comfortably. That is why buying a gaming PC is pointless without choosing a good provider that will provide a wide and reliable Internet connection. Only in a full-fledged "bundle" the gamer will be able to enjoy digital entertainment.

A wide channel is especially important if a player is streaming their adventures on YouTube or Twitch. Broadcasting high quality video can take up to 20 Mbps of the total stream. Therefore, gamers are advised to choose tariffs at which the Internet connection speed will be at least 100 Mbps.

Today, such tariffs are widespread in large cities. Moreover, providers are increasing the number of connections via GPON, where the speeds are maximum. For example, Rostelecom offers users a special tariff plan "Game", which provides for connection via optics at a speed of 200 Mbps.

Connecting via GPON for gamers today can be called optimal. The average modern apartment has dozens of devices with Internet access. Relatives can watch movies or download TV series on the Internet exactly at the time of the user's online game, which is why a speed margin is needed.

At the same time, each mobile device requires a channel with a width of at least 5 Mbps. Sometimes WiFi Cards for Gaming are agood option. By the way, modern optical terminals allow "holding" more than 30 active connections simultaneously without any consequences for the local network. Optics is a guarantee that the gamer will play games with maximum comfort.