HIPER Engine BF201 is an urban folding electric bike. The fork is stiff, so it’s not the best option for cross-country riding. The frame is made of steel, unambiguously reliable and able to support a cyclist up to 120 kg.


Best electric bike under $2000 How to Build a Website
2022 update: Choosing The Best electric bike under $2000

Eltreco XT600D

  • wheel size: 27.5 inches;
  • maximum distance: 40 kilometers;
  • maximum speed: 35-37 kilometers per hour;
  • motor power: 350W;
  • number of speeds: 7, Shimano transmission of an acceptable level;
  • weight: 20.5 kilograms;
  • maximum load: 110 kilograms;
  • features: cycle computer, assistant mode.

Another basic https://digitalflip.co/gadgets/Best_electric_bike_under_2000/, but in a sportier format and with larger wheels - 27.5 inches. An excellent choice for outdoor activities, but with electric assistance from a 350-watt motor. Moreover, there is an assistant mode that facilitates the rotation of the pedals. Specifically, this model can be considered a good blank for an upgrade, thanks to the aluminum frame and the generally successful format. The hitch installed right away is simple, but it is also suitable for calm rides.

Battery capacity

Potential and battery life depend on the battery capacity (36 V, 48 V, 60 V). The most common options:

  • Lead batteries are inexpensive, but heavy and slow to charge.
  • Lithium iron phosphate batteries are the most expensive option.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are new technological models.
  • Wheel diameter

The diameter of the wheels depends on the purpose of the model. Sizes - from 14 to 29 inches, the larger the wheel, the higher the speed that the bike can develop. Of great importance is the width of the rubber and the height of the profile.

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