It is necessary to soberly understand that any carob coffee maker is not a coffee machine and involves manual preparation.


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How to choose the Best espresso machine under 500 in 2022?

The nuances of brewing coffee in an espresso coffee maker, how to cook

It is necessary to soberly understand that any carob coffee maker is not a coffee machine and involves manual preparation. You yourself grind the beans (or buy already ground coffee), put the coffee in the filter, install the horn, start (and stop in the absence of autodosing) the feed, throw away the used cake, wash the horn.

At the same time, for the best result, any carob coffee maker must be warmed up after turning on, spill the group and the horn with hot water, let the boiler warm up for several minutes so that the entire volume of water in it is of uniform temperature.

If you are aiming not at the initial, but at the middle class of devices, you, first of all, will need a separate burr coffee grinder

This is much more important in terms of improving the result than choosing a higher-end coffee maker. At the time of this writing, the most affordable options on the Russian market are Rommelsbacher EKM 300 and Profi Cook 1205. It is clear that coffee itself comes first, the fresher roasted and freshly ground, the better. But in second place is the grinding that is correctly matched to the type of grain, which, in principle, cannot meet the standards of a reference espresso on rotary or pseudo-burr grinders.

And if you “understood” the coffee grinder and grain, then you can really look towards improving / choosing advanced equipment. Moreover, in case of improvement, you can really practice and improve your skills in tamping a coffee tablet on your old, home-made coffee maker by purchasing a filter for it without an improver, that is, with a single bottom. Such filters are sold even for the simplest Delonghi with a horn diameter of 50 mm. Here are examples of articles.

Actually, the ability to form a coffee tablet along with the correct grinding is a necessary condition when using filters without an improver, because in this case it is the coffee tablet that is responsible for creating the necessary pressure in the brewing chamber, without which you will get some kind of burda at the output. It is with this approach that one can and should be guided by the rule "30 ml of a drink in 20-25 seconds."

In the case of filters with improvers, a double bottom, the creation of an ideal coffee tablet is no longer so important, although, of course, it has some effect on the process and taste. But the correct grinding matters on any equipment.

 What else can you advise when brewing espresso on any carob coffee maker, well, I summarize the above:

  • The fresher the grain and its grinding, the better.
  • Proper grinding on a burr grinder is very important.
  • Proper tamping of the coffee bean with a normal metal tamper is essential for filters without an enhancer, but in principle it matters for any filter. The best espresso is obtained with filters without an enhancer, but with due skill.
  • It is highly advisable to warm up the coffee maker after turning it on for several minutes, then spill the horn and filter without coffee and reheat.
  • Pour espresso only after the ready indicator lights up (available on all coffee makers).
  • If best espresso machine under 500 use a small volume storage boiler, limit the one-time supply to the top bar of 60 ml. Pour the next portion after a few minutes of warming up. For coffee makers with a thermoblock, this requirement does not matter.

Best espresso machine under 500

On the other hand, there are more expensive models from trusted brands such as Philips or Delonghi (as well as their subsidiaries Saeco, Gaggia and Ariete, Krups, Kenwood, respectively) with better materials and assembly, as well as deliberately designed components for more less than decent espresso by any beginner. Moreover, each brand, by and large, uses one and only platform (well, a couple), which is replicated in different cases and colors and with a minimum difference in control (like here are buttons, and here are twisters - oops, they got different models).

What exactly is the difference between cheap purely Chinese carob-type coffee makers and their European counterparts, I told and showed in detail here.

Typical examples of inexpensive proven options for entry-level pump coffee makers for 2022: Delonghi ECP (the most budgetary, but worthy horn), Gaggia Viva (slightly better in espresso, but not at all with milk), Delonghi EC685 (much better for milk, espresso is also good ).