The manufacturer is looking for ways to reduce the cost of this category of grills so that they are available to the widest possible audience. But for serious brands, this does not reach the point of absurdity, as for very cheap ones.


Best gas grills under $500 How to Build a Website
What is the Best gas grills under $500 - 2022 review

Napoleon entry-level grills, Broil King are well made, they give their owners a very interesting cooking experience, open up the diversity of the grilling culture, give an understanding of new comfort during outdoor recreation. After them, you will definitely want to buy more advanced best gas grills under 500 in the future.

Broil King Royal 340 best gas grills under 500

The most budgetary in this segment is the Broil King Royal 340. A compact grill with three burners and an aluminum cast oven that retains heat as efficiently as possible. He will cope well with the preparation of basic dishes: steaks, vegetables, rack of lamb; you can bake something on it. Although some more creative recipes will turn out great on this grill. On the side table, he has a regular gas burner, on which you can do almost everything that you do on a home stove: from boiling a kettle to soup.

The dimensions of the grill make it suitable for a small townhouse terrace. It is even more compact in storage as its side tables are foldable. This can be said to be an extended version of a portable grill. It can be quite freely moved from place to place, but within the site.

There are large wheels on the left end of the grill, and small ones with stoppers on the right. It is easy to lift the grill behind the right table and move in the right direction even on grass or some kind of bumps. The big wheels on the opposite side will go over them with ease, which is not the case with grills with all four small wheels, as they will get bogged down in a similar obstacle course. Such a grill will only need to be carried by two or three people.

Compactness and the function of easy movement from place to place makes Broil King Royal 340 interesting for giving. We arrived outside the city - they pulled the grill out into the street from a house or a barn (depending on where it is safer to store it so as not to be stolen). You leave - you are returned to your place. If you have friendly neighbors in a garden partnership, then you can go and visit with your grill, if for some reason a feast can only be held on their site. Well, of course, if the site is nearby.

A distinctive feature of this grill is that a 24.5 l cylinder is placed in its cabinet, while the vast majority of grills can be equipped with an 18.2 l cylinder.

Napoleon Legend-485

First of all, it is necessary to say about the hit of all times and peoples - the Napoleon LE-3 grill and its successor - the Legend-485 model.

LE-3 is one of the very first thoughtful grills that appeared in Russia when the market was just emerging here. Napoleon engineers and designers managed to make a grill that has remained relevant for many years. It can be safely included in marketing textbooks, because for so many years only products that are really thought out in all respects and successful can remain popular.

In 2019, the Napoleon LE-3 was discontinued and replaced by a slightly redesigned model, the Legend-485. In Napoleon's assortment, this grill stands at the junction of the top Prestige series (these grills are assembled in Canada) and grills that are assembled at the company's Chinese factory.

The execution of some elements of the Legend-485 is quite a match for the Napoleon Prestige series. The grill is made of brushed 304 steel. It has a voluminous two-layer cover, which has become noticeably higher than it was on the LE-3. The side tables remain the same large size and have plastic lining with compartments for spices / sauces. The protruding limiters for these compartments can also serve as handles, for which it is easy to move the grill in the right direction. On the tables, the most necessary things for cooking will fit freely. By the way, on the cheaper Napoleon grills, it is clear that optimization has gone through the tables: here they cut, there they shortened, here they made it simpler.

On the right table is the main feature of Napoleon - a ceramic infrared burner for juicy steaks (we write about its features above). On the left side table, the LE-3 had a food-grade plastic container with a cutting board, but this was removed from the Legend-485. There was just a flat surface on which you can put plates, spices or glasses with pleasant drinks.

The oven has four thick-walled stainless steel tubular crossfire burners. Above them are aroma plates and a cast-iron grate made of two halves. Napoleon also decided to stand out from the competition and made the bars of the lattice not straight, but wavy, and patented such a design.

The rear burner for the skewer is also ceramic infrared. Characteristically, in the LE-3 grill, it had to be kindled with matches or a lighter. The Legend-485 has improved this point: a piezo ignition is connected to the burner, which operates from a separate knob on the control panel.

The heating grate here is medium in depth: it is an important functional unit in every gas grill.

At the base of the grill is a cabinet with strict doors. A gas bottle is placed inside and there is still space in which you can place some accessories for the grill.