Dogs are by right the most popular pets, sometimes sharing the palm with cats. H


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Today there are over 400 dog breeds…

However, unlike regal cats, which are usually on their own minds, they are ready to climb into fire and water after their owner. It is difficult to overestimate the merits of these animals - they carry out a guard and search service, become guides for the disabled, help in catching game, take part in grazing and guard livestock, pull horse-drawn carts, turn out to be wonderful and loyal companion friends, at the cost of their own lives ready to intercede for the owner. It is not surprising that it is dogs (Staffordshire Terrier, Canaan Dog) that are so revered among the people - they are mentioned in literature, filmed in films, immortalized in monuments all over the planet.

Today there are over 400 dog breeds - very tiny (for example, Chihuahua, Russian Toy Terrier, Pekingese, Yorkshire Terrier, etc.) and huge (Great Dane, St. Bernard, English, Spanish, Tibetan Mastiffs), smooth-haired (Doberman, Greyhound, Dalmatian, American Staffordshire Terrier) and decorated with long thick hair (Maltese lapdog, Shih Tzu, Afghan hound, chapendua). The main difference between purebred dogs and mongrels (the so-called mongrels) is human intervention in their appearance and development.

The vast majority of dog breeds were created by the works of geneticists-breeders, whose work was aimed at breeding a certain exterior, character. The exception is the aboriginal breeds, which were formed in ancient times by nature under the influence of a certain climate (these include Samoyeds, Central Asian Shepherd Dogs, etc.). Dog breeds were created to serve a person in a particular area - hunting, in military affairs, to protect housing and other fields. Quite often the task of scientists was also to breed indoor decorative dogs, intended only for the delight of the owner`s eyes.

What to look for when choosing a puppy

Before purchasing a puppy, the future owner needs to clearly determine the desired breed and the purpose of establishing a dog. It is advisable to study the characteristics of the rocks so as not to get into a mess. The fact is that through the long efforts of scientists in some breeds, the dominant function, aggression, for example, towards animals, alertness and distrust towards humans, was initially laid. Other breeds of dogs, on the other hand, are distinguished by their soft and cheerful disposition, the ability to get along with both people and animals. Therefore, the owner, first of all, needs to be guided by his own needs and the character of the future dog, and not by the appearance of the animal. So, before buying a dog, you must:

Decide not only on the breed, but also on the size of the pet. A small living space is unlikely to allow keeping dogs of large breeds (mastiffs, Great Danes, etc.). In addition, many four-legged people need physical activity like air, which is usually possible only when living on the territory of private or country houses with fenced plots.

Understand if it is possible to care for an abundantly shedding or long-haired dog. If the owner of the dog has little time, then it is quite unreasonable to start an animal that requires daily care - both the pet and the whole apartment, covered with a layer of wool, will look untidy.

Determine the age of the animal - usually puppies are purchased at the age of 2 months. In this case, it is possible to form the character of the dog at will, while adults, firstly, will find it more difficult to endure the process of adaptation to a new home, and secondly, they will have habits instilled by a stranger (breeder).

Select the sex of the dog. Bitches are usually kinder and calmer than males. While males are more active, without proper education they can provoke fights with other animals - both at home and on a walk. Pay extra attention to Swedish Vallhund.

Find out exactly where it is planned to buy a puppy - at the poultry market, via the Internet, in a breeding nursery. The prices of dogs from the kennel seem to be high, but it is there that you can buy a healthy and vaccinated animal with documents, born from dogs without genetic diseases.

Before buying a puppy, you should make sure of its health - look at the condition of the teeth, eyes, ears, feel the belly, paws, examine the fur, and also be sure to ask the seller (especially when the animal is purchased on the market) about the dog`s parents, its character, nutrition.