The brand offers a huge number of fish finders to choose from. Models show a high level of automation, due to which operation is greatly simplified. Some models work under ice and are able to detect fish not only around the boat, but also under it.


Garmin vs Lowrance fish finder How to Build a Website
Choosing the best fish finder: Lowrance vs Garmin fishfinder 2022

Garmin Striker 7sv Plus

It plays the role of a full-fledged structural engineer with a seven-inch screen, GPS positioning, and the ability to build maps makes it stand out from the rest.


  • screen - color, 7 inches;
  • screen resolution - 800 × 480;
  • fastening type - stationary;
  • mains supply 12 V.


  • Possibility to memorize points.
  • High quality in both side scan and bottom scan modes.
  • CHIRP technology.


  • There is no way to download the map.
  • There is no way to take a screenshot.

For $800 and a little we get a full-fledged structurer. A bit lacking is a loadable map and the ability to take a screenshot when you find something interesting - to dive deep in this question.

Lowrance or Garmin

The best fish finders for summer fishing

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Summer fishing may also not require special functions and parameters from fish finders, however, the heat can be so unbearable that it can negatively affect the device. So you should pay attention not only to the lower temperature threshold for the operation of fish finders, but also to the upper one. So that the user can choose the right option for himself, below is a rating of the best fish finders for summer fishing.