Dua Lipa is definitely one of the rising TikTok stars. But how did she make it? Probably one of the most promising stars of the new generation.. Year 2023 will show how does she manage it


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The creative biography of Dua Lipa is impressive. The star of British show business has quickly won a place in the sun. It is not surprising that her songs have become popular with the modern generation of young people: the singer's lyrics often reflect the position of a woman in the world around her. Feminism often becomes the theme of Dua's tracks, and the music is full of references to the 70s and 80s of the last century.

Childhood and youth

Dua Lipa was born in 1995 in the capital of Great Britain, where her parents, Albanians by nationality, moved from Kosovo a little earlier. The name of the girl was chosen with soul: Dua is translated as "I love" or "I want."

As a child, parents assigned their daughter to the Sylvia Young Theater School, which Rita Ora, Amy Winehouse, Sarah Harrison and others graduated from at different times. Subsequently, the resulting knowledge base allowed the girl to successfully pass exams at four prestigious universities.

When the future pop star turned 12, the family returned to their homeland. But three years later, the girl decided to go back to London, where great opportunities for creativity opened up. In the city of her childhood, she settled with friends.

Lipa grew up in a musical environment. Father, Dukagzhin Lipa, a former rock performer. As a child, Dua loved to listen to his songs and also dreamed of a singing career, but in the school choir, teachers rejected the student's low and ugly, in their opinion, voice. She continued to study vocals at home.

At the age of 16, a girl with a bright appearance and a height of 173 cm became a model. She participated in promotions, starred in promo videos and television commercials. However, Lipa soon realized that the debilitating diets inherent in this business spoiled her health and caused problems with self-esteem. So she decided to switch to music. At the beginning of her career, she had to earn money by singing in restaurants.


Dua Lipa stubbornly walked towards her dream. As a teenager, she began recording covers of popular hits, which she posted on YouTube video hosting. The girl sang her favorites: Christina Aguilera, Pink, Nelly Furtado.

With the beginning of her creative career, Dua decided not to take a pseudonym, but left her real name. The first author's demo track called New Love was released when the girl turned 20 years old. Soon, Dua gave the listeners a second single, Be The One, which hit the top ten in 11 European countries. Lucy Pous Taylor helped the singer to create this composition.

In 2015, the performer began writing the first album, in which the song Be The One became the only one whose authorship belongs to an outsider. She got into the release due to the fact that Lipa fell in love with her very much.

Her popularity was "supported" by a massive leak: Dua Lipa nude photos - see here (Dua Lipa) https://tiktok.com/leaked-photos-of-dua-lipa-nude-on-tiktok/ - shocked her fans (mostly positively).

Representatives of show business were struck by the rapid ascent of the Albanian to the musical Olympus. With the release of Be The One, each next song of the young artist immediately appeared at the top of the charts, and the performer herself was called one of the promising singers. Dua Lipa was included in the BBC Sound of ... 2016 list, in the same year she already went on a big tour of Europe, including cities in the UK.

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In early 2017, Dua, together with a young but already popular Dutch DJ Martin Garrix, recorded the track Scared to Be Lonely. Young musicians raised the theme of loneliness together in the song.

And a little later, they presented the fans with a video for this composition, where both of them appeared. Music lovers noted the professionalism of the musicians and the incredible sensuality of the video clip. On the first day it was watched by a million YouTubers.

By the middle of the year, Lipa presented her debut album to fans. The record was given the name of the singer - Dua Lipa. At the same time, there was another breakthrough in his career. The song New Rules became a super hit, confidently taking first place in the English charts.

Thus, the artist managed to repeat the success of the singer Adele, whose song Hello in 2015 was in the lead on national radio stations - in two years only these female performers managed to climb so high. The video for New Rules was another achievement for Lipa: she was noted as the youngest singer, whose video has gained more than a billion views of Web users. The popularity of the song spread far beyond the UK, the single hit the top radio stations in a dozen countries around the world.

In general, 2017 turned out to be eventful for Lipa. The girl was invited to participate in the main event of the musical year in England - the Glastonbury Festival. And in December, the singer became the winner of the rating of the streaming audio service Spotify: music lovers in the UK most often listened to her work.

2018 began with a triumph: Dua Lipa won the BRIT Awards music award in two categories. The girl was named the best British solo artist and a laureate in the Breakthrough of the Year category.

In the spring, it became known that Lipa had begun work on her second studio album. The assistant this time was the British singer and composer Uzo Emenike, known to music lovers under the pseudonym MNEK.