The question of how much it costs to order an essay editing worries everyone who has decided to order work from a professional agency. It should be noted at once that the question of the cost is a purely individual matter.


How good is CollegeVine essay editing How to Build a Website
How good is CollegeVine essay editing See 2022 update

Moreover, it concerns not only the editing of the essay but also other works. Every website charges different prices, but today we will talk about CollegeVine. From open sources, we have gathered information about how this platform works and what its rates are.

Of course, CollegeVine is not the only website offering this service. You can check the best essay editing site ratings and find what suits you best.

What does CollegeVine do?

CollegeVine helps students through the college admissions process. They approach the problem from three different angles - mentoring, counseling, and career guidance.

But, of course, we are primarily interested in editorial services. Since an admission essay is one of the most important parts of the college admissions process, you can order an essay to be written or just edited on the website.

The editor checks whether the text for publication is literate, coherent, understandable, whether it corresponds to the topic and the selected functional style.

Basically, editors goes through:

  • Grammar.
  • Vocabulary, word usage.
  • Stylistics.
  • Coherence of speech, logic.

The editor primarily monitors compliance with the norms of the English language, performs literary editing. In addition, the editor's services include control of logic, consistency of presentation, disclosure of the topic and other points related to the content.

If speech, grammatical and logical errors are found, the editor either corrects them himself or asks the author, especially if specific knowledge is required to correct the deficiencies. Speech errors can be corrected in a variety of ways, and the best option, given the context, is chosen together with the customer.

CollegeVine editors are excellent at editing texts of varying content, volume, and complexity. The high level of professionalism and the ability to resolve issues quickly allow us to complete orders much more quickly than competitors.

How much does it cost to order an essay at CollegeVine

At CollegeVine, you choose who will edit your essay. Each person offers a different word count and a different price. The average is 600 words for $20.  Many editors will only take on papers on specific topics, so you should contact the editor before placing your order.

CollegeVine has a rating of authors, which makes it much easier to find a professional. In general, ordering essays here is very easy, the choice of people who are willing to take the order is endless. However, not everyone is ready to fulfill the commitments taken in full i.e. edit an essay and still meet all the requirements and standards.

If you don't like CollegeVine or you haven't found the right editor there, take a look at other services. Here of this article is excellent, but sadly their services can not be used in every situation.