However, when the restrictions were lifted, it turned out that people, as before, want to buy cars, and in the same volumes. And if it was possible to return the employees of manufacturing industries and restore the production of mechanical components, then everything turned out to be more difficult with microchips. The released volumes of semiconductor production were contracted by manufacturers of consumer electronics and computer equipment, Chinese automakers and Tesla; in addition, delivering chips from Southeast Asia, where their lion`s share is produced, to Europe and the United States turned out to be problematic due to the notorious logistical crisis. As a result, there is a global shortage of microchips for the automotive industry.


How the auro market changed in 2021 How to Build a Website
The states of workers were “optimized”, and the purchases of components decreased…

Trend #1

Trend 1: "The share of SUVs in the model range of the brand has reached 50%." It is a mistake to say that this is a new trend. Similar dynamics have been observed in the last decade, but only now the share of SUVs and crossovers exceeds 50%. This is partly due to the recent deterioration in economic conditions and a decrease in purchasing power.

Under these conditions, many manufacturers have significantly increased the popularity of SUVs, and some brands have completely abandoned "ordinary cars", leaving only crossovers (Nissan/Mitsubishi). This trend is only growing not only in Russia, but throughout the world. SUV versatility has nearly wiped out the share of compacts and minivans, seriously threatening station segmentation: VIN check.

Second trend

"Reduce the number of dealers." According to the statistics of "AUTOSTAT", at present there are fewer new contracts between dealers and manufacturers than those terminated. You can understand the brand's wait-and-see attitude. The situation where retailers are currently making big profits due to stagnant demand and labor shortages will soon end, and the situation with a shortage of buyers will begin to wane for a long time.

In these situations, it is important for brands to only contract with reliable partners who can afford to be safe and can store resources to survive the coming downfall. After all, all unexpectedly unsuccessful traders consist of defaulted obligations, unpurchased cars and hundreds of dissatisfied customers, which seriously hit the brand.

Third trend

"Electrification of the automotive market". Of course, it sounds pretty loud. So far, Russia's growing interest in electric vehicles is estimated at a few percentage points. But there is a trend, and it is really growing. For now, electric vehicles remain exotic, but infrastructure development is slow, but still underdeveloped, and interest in electric vehicles is only increasing.

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4th trend

"Reducing the lineup." This trend is partially related to the previous trend, but is not perfect. In addition to focusing on SUVs, the brand has decided to drop the unpopular model. This is due to the fact that each car on the market must pass a series of certifications, receive GLONASS and constantly update OTTS. During a market recession, spend resources as shown here VIN decoder.

For the same reason, the players of large markets have practically stopped selling cars of foreign assembly in our country. The final cost is higher than that of competitors, because you need to pay a fee for each imported model. Only players who have already sold several cars cannot reduce the training and it makes no sense to install the assembly on our territory (for example, Suzuki or Subaru).