Use trusted boosting services, don't buy bots and don't boost a lot of reactions at a time. Of course, try to make Reels high-quality and interesting, and then they will get a lot of views naturally.


How to get more views of Reels using white-hat methods How to Build a Website
How to push your Stories and Reels on Instagram in 2023?

Instagram auto views boosting is needed to promote a video to the recommended ones. But it needs to be used carefully so as not to get banned or drop out of your target audience's feed.

Use original videos

Instagram doesn't promote videos edited in third-party editors or re-downloaded from TickTock well. Videos should be original, without other people's watermarks and frames, shot specifically for Reels.

Use hashtags

Tags allow you to get into recommendations, so don't miss out on this opportunity. Also, some users click on tags to see more videos on a topic, and then they might notice your video as well.

It's important to use tags that are relevant to the video and your publisher. Also, avoid ultra-popular hashtags that have hundreds of millions of posts. Such tags will go down instantly.

Devise a story for your target audience 

Shoot Reels that your CA will potentially like and that will fit the theme of your account. If your subscribers have friends and followers with interests like your CA, the latter will also be recommended your content by the algorithm. This is how you can attract an additional audience.

If you make videos that don't make sense, with no consideration for your target audience, non-targeted viewers will hide your videos, which can have a negative impact on your rankings. 

Make videos in good resolution 

The site does not promote videos of low quality well. For videos to attract attention, they need to be clear, bright and vivid if possible. Good sound is also encouraged.

Add masks and effects

Like TikTok, Instagram Reels has effects for videos, though there aren't many. Use them to get more views. Masks are not yet very common on the site and they attract attention due to the novelty effect. 

In addition to effects, use the slow motion feature for Slow motion videos, and make Before/After videos (these are often seen through to the end).

Use trends 

See what Reels are hitting the top and try and shoot something similar that suits the theme of your publicity site. 

Use popular music - this also helps to increase your reach and get users' attention.

Set covers

Covers are visible in your profile under Reels, in the feed and in the recommendations section. If you don't have a separate cover, the first frame of the video will be displayed instead, which may be unsuccessful. It is better to choose the most attractive one or upload the cover separately.