You may have already heard about tokens. If not, then below I will tell you what it is. But the whole revolution lies in the word "non-interchangeable." In general, non-interchangeability is an absolutely natural property of things in nature, we are used to it and most things around us are not interchangeable.


NFT: Right Click — Save Problem How to Build a Website
When we come to the Louvre, we know that we have an original in front of us…

Right Click - Save Problem

And now the question I hear every f*cking time I tell someone about NFTs. Especially when it comes to digital art.

“But I can just save this picture!”

Okay, in the past this was indeed a problem that made life difficult for those who created a digital work. Anyone could keep it for themselves and this copy was no different from the original.

Now, thanks to the NFT, no.

Moreover, I, as the owner of the original work, will tell you - "please save, hang on instagram, print on a T-shirt, spread my picture as much as possible! Let as many people as possible know about it"!

How it works

Here's how it works. When we create a rare NFT, 1/1 (the number of this copy / the number of copies that exist at all) based on, for example, a painting that exists only in digital form, we secure ownership of the original. And the value of this original will not decrease, but grow as the picture itself is copied and distributed. Copies of the work will be distributed, more and more people will learn about your work, the cultural value of the work will grow.

Mona Lisa

Gioconda. Its value is undeniable (well, only if you are not a radical futurist who has survived to this day by chance). You can hang a reproduction on the wall and look at it, you can download a jeep with Gioconda on your phone, print it on a T-shirt, you can photograph the original in the Louvre. From this, the value of the original will only grow. In fact, this has been happening for many years. The more noise around the Impressionists, the higher their price.

The exact same thing will happen with digital art. Complete analogy. You can put Beeple drawings on your desktop, but you don't own them. And the owner gets all the same advantages that the owner of the original Modigliani over the owner of the reproduction. It looks the same, but it's actually not the same.

When we come to the Louvre, we know that we have an original in front of us. Blockchain is the Louvre. The value of a work is determined by the cultural context around it. And the blockchain fixes this value and its ownership, as it allows you to confirm the ownership and originality of any work.

Paradigm shift

All this seems very unusual.

We are used to the fact that a digital asset is freely copied. And the copies are no different from each other. But this is because we are used to physical assets. We are not digital by nature. We still need to shift our paradigm in order to begin to understand what the right to own a digital work is and how its value is formed.

But our children and grandchildren, who are born with a phone in their hands, will no longer need such a paradigm shift. They will feel the value of the original digital work, just as we feel the value of a physical one.

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