Search engine promotion can be very expensive if you pay a professional SEO company but with a little time and effort you can achieve top 10 rankings yourself.


Search Engine Promotion
 How to Build a Website
Search engine promotion can be very expensive if you pay a professional SEO company...

Before you rush out to submit your web site to all the search engines, read this page to find out how to get top search engine rankings in just a few days.

This page only gives a short description of how to get top rankings in the search engines. For detailed information please download our free book SEO Made Easy

Directories and Search Engines

Search Engines: Search engines, such as Google, create their listings automatically by using a robot or spider. They gather information from several sources within your web site including Title, Meta Tags, Keywords, Description and Page Content. Each engine operates under it's own rules so some use all of those sources, others use any sort of combination of them.

If you change your web pages, search engines eventually find these changes, and that can affect how you are listed. Page titles, body copy and other elements all play a role.

You search engine rankings are also effected by off page elements like the number and quality of inbound links as well as the anchor text of these links. Google rankings are especially governed by inbound links.


A directory such as the Open Directory Project (ODP aka DMOZ) depends on humans for its listings. You submit a short description to the directory for your entire site, or editors write one for sites they review. A search looks for matches only in the descriptions submitted.

Changing your web pages has no effect on your Directory listing. Things that are useful for improving a listing with a search engine have nothing to do with improving a listing in a directory. The only exception is that a good site, with good content, might be more likely to get reviewed than a poor site. Low Cost Top Search Engine Rankings I have found that providing you optimise your web pages for relatively low competitive keywords, then get a few quality inbound links you can obtain good rankings in a matter of days. You do not need to submit your web site to the search engines as their crawlers will find your site through your inbound links.

Keyword Research

This is probably the most important part of search engine optimisation. Choosing highly completive keywords will make it very difficult for you to get high rankings and choosing very low competitive keywords will get you high rankings but no traffic as no one will be searching for these terns. Use our free keyword tools to find a list of keywords suitable for your web site. To find out how competitive the keywords are go to Google and do a search, then look at the page rank of the top web sites. If the top sites all have a page rank of 5 or more this is a highly competitive keyword. Unless your web site has a page rank of at least 4 I suggest you look at other keywords.

On Page Optimisation

This is where you make sure the keyword density and keyword provenance is correct on your web pages. To find out where your keywords should be take a look at the Meta Tags page.

Internet Business Promoter (IBP)

Multi-award winning web site promotion software tool. Everything you need to successfully promote your web site. IBP is a suite of 10 professional web promotion tools that help you with all aspects of web site promotion and search engine optimization. Download the FREE demo version and try it for yourself Off Page Optimisation (Link Building) This is where you make sure you have enough quality inbound links to your web pages with the right anchor text in the links.

Even if you have optimised your web pages for your chosen key words you may still not achieve the rankings you want. Most search engines now give higher rankings to sites with a lot of in bound links. To increase your link popularity try contacting complementary web sites and ask them to add a link to your site on their site and you will do the same, this will help you both. Finding and emailing hundreds of website to ask for reciprocal links can be an endless task so most professional SEO experts use software to do most of the job for them. One of the most popular reciprocal linking software packages and the one I use is Arelis.

To increase the number of inbound links to your web site it is a good idea to submit your site to as many quality directories as possible. I recommend you do this manually but to help you try using a program like Directory Submitter which is available free.

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Submit to directories for free using Directory Submitter


It is important to get listed with at least one of the major directories as this improves you site credibility and link popularity. DMOZ supplies listings to AlltheWeb, AltaVista, Google, HotBot, Lycos and Yahoo - and its free! Make sure you choose your category correctly and read the instructions before you submit your site. This could take a few months and you can submit before you complete your optimisation because this directory is reviewed by humans. Submit here

Advanced Link Building

Once you have reached the first few pages of the major search engines and got some good quality inbound links you really need to analyse your competition see to who links to them and how they are linked. You must take careful note of the anchor text.

Submitting to Search Engines

This is not really necessary if you obtain a few quality inbound links but here are some details if you wish to submit to the major search engines.

Google (Free)

Google is currently one of the biggest search engines and you can still submit for free. This will take up to 8 weeks. Google supplies main listings to AOL, Netscape, Iwon and many others. To submit click here. NOTE: If you already have a web site listed on Google and you want to get a second site listed, simply add a link from your listed site to your unlisted site. The Google spider (GoogleBot) will visit your new site normally within a few days rather than up to 8 weeks if you submit manually. Find out more about submitting to Google Google information for Webmasters Google page ranking explained

You may also what to pay to advertise in Google Adwords How to make the most out of advertising with Google.

Yahoo (Free or paid)

Yahoo own AlltheWeb, AltaVista and Overture so search results on these sites are the same as Yahoo. The Yahoo directory is a high ranking site like the ODP directory but there is a charge to get listed and it is not guaranteed. So unless you need a really high quality in bound link from the Yahoo directory because all your major competitors have one, submitting to the Yahoo directory is unnecessary.