Corresponds to the position of pre-revolutionary Russia adjunct professor (assistant professor). Often this position is combined with postgraduate studies.


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Assistant (from lat. assistens - helping) - the initial teaching position in universities.

A teacher's assistant should be able to apply professional knowledge in practical activities; provide pedagogical support for a child with special educational needs in the context of inclusive education; together with other specialists, draw up an individual program for the development of the child; to observe and analyze the dynamics of the student's development; to establish interpersonal relations between all subjects of educational activities; engage in intermediary activities in the field of education and social assistance.

Job description

As a Teaching assistant job description normally implies, teacher's assistant must have communication and organizational skills, the ability to sympathize, empathize; value orientations aimed at the development of a person as an individual and the highest value of society, at creative pedagogical activity, conflict resolution skills.

The role of the teacher's assistant in meeting the learning and other needs of students

The job description of a teacher assistant does not indicate who is ultimately and primarily responsible for the implementation of the teaching and upbringing process in the classroom. However, the indication of such expressions as “together with the teacher”, “helps”, “cooperating with the class teacher”, etc., gives every reason to consider the teacher, who is assisted by the teacher’s assistant, responsible for the implementation of the educational process in an inclusive class.

Accordingly, teachers should not set tasks for their assistants that are the prerogative of the teacher - planning the educational process, evaluating students' learning tasks, which provides for a professional interpretation of the results of their implementation, etc. But the teacher can offer the teacher's assistant to select learning tasks that the student could perform (but the final decision on the use of these tasks will be made by the teacher), check exercises and tests for multiple choice, other types of exercises / questions where the student must give the only correct answer; make photocopies of handouts, make illustrations or other materials under the guidance of the teacher.

The role of the teacher's assistant in providing for the needs of students, health care

Many teaching assistants work with students who need special medical care and health care throughout the day. Teachers should develop a detailed plan and indicate what actions should be taken on a regular basis and what to do in emergencies, as well as who is responsible for approving these actions and their implementation. Consent to provide any medical assistance to a student can be obtained not only from parents, but also from medical professionals.

Forming effective relationships between teacher and teacher assistant

Relationship with teacher

An effective relationship between a teacher and a teaching assistant is formed on the basis of shared responsibility. Teachers can use a variety of strategies to develop effective relationships, including:

  • a joint discussion of the roles and tasks of a teaching assistant;
  • establishing clear criteria for the success of a teacher's assistant;
  • emphasis on importance and confidentiality;
  • joint discussion of philosophy and approaches to teaching and classroom management;
  • holding regular meetings with the teacher's assistant to discuss the results of observations of students, providing and receiving feedback and reports, discussing problem situations and strategies for implementing the curriculum;
  • introducing the teacher's assistant to other staff at the school, district or community level who can provide assistance.