Is it much nicer to smell the sweet aroma of steam from an unpretentious gadget, or completely odorless?


The truth about vapes and e-cigarettes How to Build a Website
Don't like the smell of cigarettes?

Yes, it is vapes and electronic cigarettes that are taking over tobacco. The number of smokers in the world is decreasing in favor of alternative products. New smoking gadgets from Vapour Store are of interest to both young people and experienced smokers. However, new smoking alternatives have already thundered all over the world in scandalous publications.

What are e-cigarettes

What are e-cigarettes, they are vapes, and how did they come about? Electronic nicotine delivery systems are a technological invention that allows you to get nicotine without tobacco with more than 7 thousand harmful substances that are formed during the combustion and smoldering of a tobacco leaf. The invention borrowed its idea from nicotine replacement therapy - when a person with nicotine addiction is given pure pharmaceutical nicotine without deadly tobacco toxins.

ENDS, according to the principle of their technology, are divided into two main types - open systems (they are also vapes with a reusable capacity and the consumer's free choice of what to fill in this container), and closed-type electronic cigarettes (using disposable cartridges already filled in production and not implying consumer access to change their content).


In short, these are electronic devices that heat a mixture of glycerin, propylene glycol, flavors and nicotine, in order to deliver it to the smoker's body without tobacco carcinogens, but in his usual way.

Although the innovation was conceived as a last resort for heavy smokers, after more than 10 years of successful use and 41 million smokers who quit tobacco with them, there was a sudden breakdown in the system in 2019 - marijuana lovers also decided to keep up with the times and became to use vapes to consume not nicotine, but tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol - the main psychoactive constituents of marijuana. However, they did not take into account the fact that if light substances (alcohols: glycerin and propylene glycol) are used to transport nicotine, which are easily carried by the human body, then the active components of marijuana are oils that, when cooled to human body temperature, solidify and cause blockage of the lungs. Thus, in the ENDS term, T (tetrahydrocannabinol) and K (cannabinol) got in place of the letters N (nicotine), and this led to more than 30 deaths and thousands of hospitalizations with blockage of the lung vessels in young people who decided to "indulge" in prohibited substances.