Despite all the difficulties that the fashion industry faced in the past year due to the pandemic, designers were able to adequately overcome all difficulties, adapt to new realities and realize our changed preferences. And they really have become completely different.


Top 3 fashion trends in 2021-2022 How to Build a Website
From comfortable knit knickers and sweatpants to trendy bras and floral dresses, here's the ultimate guide to hitting spring / summer trends.

Many of us began to spend more time at home, reconsidered our views on our own wardrobe and realized what we really need, and what from recent purchases is an infantile waste of resources. So there is something important and useful for everyone among the trends of the coming season: from cozy sandals, slippers, sweatpants and suits ideal for Zoom-calls, to bright red dresses, platform sandals and micro-skirts. It is difficult to choose one thing, so we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main fashion trends, among which you will definitely find your ideal uniform for spring and summer 2021:


The more difficult the year, the bolder the trend. We have been observing the evolution of lingerie style for more than 30 years, but now designers offer us to adapt the most daring thing of a woman's wardrobe for everyday wardrobe - a bra. You can wear it anywhere and with anything (of course, focusing on your own frames). On the catwalks, fashion designers suggested combining silk bras with loose high-waisted trousers, as well as combining them with classic suits.


Relaxed sweatpants are another echo of the quarantine wardrobe. Of course, they used to be a popular item in the wardrobes of all those who play sports or like to spend time at home. However, now designers advise not to hide them in bins, but to go out into them. Yes, yes, now we wear sweatpants with linen tops, classic blazers and men's oversized shirts and feel comfortable 24/7 (read also: How to wear sweatpants-joggers: 6 unexpected combinations).

Transparent things

Lightweight, weightless and airy chiffon has charmed many designers this season. This material has long been one of the components of the Dior wardrobe and the trademark of the creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri (she shows her favorite airy floor-length dresses in almost every collection). However, in the new season, other brands have also presented their ideal variation of weightless things for the summer - and they look no less stylish. We advise you to especially look at light transparent trousers that can be worn with an elongated jacket (visual illustration - at Acne Studios), as well as sheath dresses, which should be paired with a laconic combination.