Bright, joyful and fashionable yellow manicure is a trend not only this season (in 2021, the Panton Color Institute named yellow one of the colors of the year).


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Bright, joyful and fashionable yellow manicure is a trend not only this season

Bright shades of yellow are always relevant in summer, a pale yellow manicure fits perfectly into spring images, and soft saturated tones perfectly match the autumn mood.

Every day, women perform many different manipulations to improve their appearance. Manicure is one of the main steps for care. There are many ways to create nail art design. We are talking about a monochrome coating, abstraction, rhinestones, gradient, stones, etc.

It is recommended to choose a design in such a way that the manicure is combined with the style and image. But do not forget about the fashion, at the peak of which is now a yellow manicure. There are several ideas for creating such a design. First familiarize yourself with the technique of execution.

Yellow nails

In 2021, nail art masters offer fashionistas to make Yellow Nail Design:

  • with sequins and shimmer;
  • with drawings and stickers (the most popular are divorces, flowers, fruits and geometry);
  • with the ombre effect;
  • yellow jacket;
  • with empty areas (negative space).

This nail coating is ideal for office fashion and for creating evening women's styles. Yellow nails decorate the image of both a schoolgirl and an adult woman. Manicure looks equally attractive on nails of different lengths. It also does not depend on the shape of the nail plate.

Yellow manicure is suitable for sharp shape or square tips, as well as for long extended or short nails. It adorns the fingers of even the most picky fashionistas. You just need to choose the right shade and design.

Stylish animal prints

Animal print is a trend that has been at the peak of popularity for several years now. This option is indispensable for those girls who prefer to stay in the spotlight.

Yellow Manicure Ideas with Animal Print:

  • Under the zebra. Animal print is an imitation of the texture or color of skin or animal skins. It is not necessary to follow the color scheme clearly. Zebra stripes can be made in yellow and white tones in the form of long asymmetrical lines.
  • Under the tiger. A good choice for energetic people. It goes well with a black shade and a golden sheen.
  • Under the leopard. On a yellow-white background, you can randomly arrange black spots. The result will be amazing. Green shades look good.

The yellow nail design looks good with the texture of a snake. But in this case, you need not to overdo it so that the nails do not look too voluminous. A snake print in yellow tones also looks good.

A French leopard manicure will be a fine job. In this case, it is not the yellow line of the smile that can be applied with black spots, which can be supplemented with gold.